Laundry Puffer Jacket

Today’s post is so fitting!  (You would have thought I actually planned it that way but I didn’t).  You see, it’s snowing for the first time this winter in Charlotte — right now!!  Yes, while practically everyone else has been getting ridiculous amounts of snow and while it’s been the coldest winter here in years (cursed Polar Vortex) — it has been (until today) Snowless in Charlotte.

Laundry Puffer JacketAnyway, the cursed Polar Vortex is actually what caused me to beef up my coat game this winter!!  I know I don’t really wear coats often on the blog, but I am a bit of a coat freak!  I have every possible kind of coat and color.  But the last few winters haven’t been that cold, so I haven’t really had to pull them out regularly until this year.

Laundry Puffer Jacket

So, with all of the extra cold weather, I kinda became obsessed with getting a puffer jacket!  Not only to keep me warm (I think these jackets are the best) but also just to look plain cool!  I love puffers!  I actually have one that’s about 12 or 13 years old that is my true stand by if it’s really cold but I wanted one that was super stylish too.

When I saw this jacket on sale at Macy’s — I knew it was the perfect one!  I love the color and I love the fit too.  Fashionable + Functional = perfect!!  I wore this entire look out to meet my girlfriends for dinner this past Saturday night.  

What I’m Wearing: Laundry by Shelli Segal Puffer Jacket (here and similar), Banana Republic Tweed Tee (here), Zara Bow Blouse (here and similar), Zara Skinny Jeans (similar), Joan and David Suede Boots (here), and Stella McCartney Purse (here).

Where Am I: Steelecroft Center

Are you loving puffer jackets?

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Laundry Puffer Jacket